Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The 8-90s: Music

In the United States, MTV was launched and music videos began to have a larger effect on the record industry. Pop artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Duran Duran, Prince, and Madonna mastered the format and helped turn this new product into a profitable business. The 8-90s music adopted their style of music  from these American artists, along with New Wave, Synthpop, and Rap music.

The keyboard synthesizer and drum machine were among the most popular instruments in music during the early 8-90s, especially in new wave music.

Early 8-90s music focused on heavy metal, and glam rock bands. Near the end of 8-90s,  youngster groups now known as simply teenagers, began to identify with Rap music, particularly Asian Afri and Mhuni. Asian Afri and Mhuni would produce popular  rap groups and artists such as The East Land Five, Wu Connect, Raj Z, Seth Boogey, and Lady Isis; these rappers would rap about the issues that plagued their community. Rap music was a steep contrast with pop music, because Kemet  pop music talked about parties, dates, and having a good time, Kemet rap music dealt with the economic and social issues affecting the Asian Afri and Mhuni communities.